Large Rear Basket for Mobility Scooters & Power Wheelchairs

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So, you need a scooter, but you’re not about to let it stop your on-the-go lifestyle, right?

Admit it — just because you need a scooter doesn’t mean you’re slowing down anytime soon. You’ve got people to see and places to go, so why should you be unable to carry your personal belongings?

You don’t have to because on your scooter you’re going to need the most-essential accessory. ... No, we’re not talking about that loud horn to get through a crowd. It’s our top selling accessory: a large rear basket to carry anything and everything you need to bring along.

From groceries to an oxygen tank or even your favorite furry friend (depending on the pet’s size), the large rear basket attaches to the universal accessory holder located on the back of most scooters. This large basket can also be used on all Pride scooters including the Go-Go's, Celebrity X, Legend, Pursuit XL, Pursuit, Revo, Victory, Maxima, Hurricane and Wrangler.

You’re not staying home, so why should your stuff? Take it with you in this large rear basket.


  • 2 Locking Knobs keep basket stable while driving
  • Clevis Pin (Holding Pin) for secure attachment
  • Adjustable Bracket for ease of use
  • Safety Reflectors on basket allow rider to be seen in low visibility conditions

Challenger Large Rear Basket size:

TOP 15.00" 10.25" 9.75"
BOTTOM 12.75" 8.00" 9.75"