Folding Powerchairs

    Folding Power Wheelchairs otherwise known as electric wheelchairs, are exceptionally versatile in that not only are they transportable, but they can also serve as full-time mobility, with adaptable seating that accepts pressure-management cushions, with full-coverage armrests, and highly supportive backrest options. Furthermore, with larger rear drive wheels, and speeds up to 6 mph, folding electric wheelchairs perform well outdoors on paved and packed natural surfaces.

    A folding power wheelchair may be best for you if you need:

    • Full- or part-time wheelchair use
    • Adaptable seating that accepts cushions
    • Indoor and outdoor performance, including surfaces like grass
    • Transportability (but requires notable effort to disassemble and fold)
    • Speeds up to 6 mph
    • Battery range of 11- to 14 miles

    A folding power wheelchair may not be best for you if you need:

    • An ultra-compact model
    • Extreme maneuverability (they don't turn as tightly as a travel or center-wheel drive electric wheelchair)
    • Utmost transportability (they don't disassemble as compactly as travel models)
    • Use on very rough terrain